Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's almost 2012 convention time!

Yep, just 5 more days until I arrive in Salt Lake City, Utah for Stampin' Up!'s 2012 convention!! I am really looking forward to seeing everyone from last year and meeting up with new friends along the way! Here is a picture of just my 1 suitcase full of swaps! Just swaps, no clothes in this bag!! (and yes, the shoebox is full of more cards and supplies for my 'shoebox' swap!)
Last year I had to actually buy this suitcase just to bring my all my new stuff home in, so this year I've learned that 1 bag needs to be dedicated to stamp stuff and so do several shipping boxes!!
Follow my blog starting next week during convention for lots of pics and posts for convention!
Want to go next year?? click on the link about that says 'join my team' and start planning your trip today!!


  1. Val, I'm soooo excited to be going to Convention 2012 with you. Last night, just around midnight, I finished making my swaps!See you in Salt Lake City!!!

  2. Meeee too! I'm glad you got yours finished up! They look awesome!