Monday, January 30, 2012

Sick little Bugger!!

I thought this card would be so appropriate because I haven't been able to do much crafting the past few days. My allergies are kicking my butt!! My eyes have been itchy and red and watering for 3 days now so I've been putting hot and cold compresses on them instead of creations :( Sad, I know, lol! So this little guy reminded me of that!! This is another card I made for my sick, get well, sympathy swap. I got the butterfly punch art idea from a punch art swap I was in at Convention 2011 and Polly Jones created her as Betty Butterfly. I just added the droopy eyes for this card! If you would like the list of punches that I used just email me here and I'll be happy to send it your way!! I hope to be back up to speed soon!

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